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6 Anime Slots That Will Keep You Entertained for Hours

Games with anime-inspired themes are always a hit at casinos. In case you’re a fan of slot machines, anime, or both, you’ll be pleased to know that we’ve compiled a list of the best five slot machines with anime themes for your viewing. Now is the time to try these slot games if you haven’t already.

1. Naruto Slots

Based on the popular anime and manga series, Naruto Slots lets you spin the reels to win big prizes. Choose from the five available betting options, each with a different multiplier. Naruto Slots can be played for fun, using real money. Naruto Slots is a must-try for any fan of the anime/manga series.

As you spin the reels of Naruto Slots, you will soon discover that this game is unlike any other. This game is packed with action and excitement. Naruto has never been so fun! The objective of Naruto Slots is to earn points by winning the jackpot. You can win the jackpot by winning several times in a row, or you can win a portion of the jackpot by spinning the reel and hitting the win button. It’s totally up to you!

Naruto Slots is available as a free download right now and is compatible with both Mac and Windows computers. There is no registration required to play, and no deposit is required. Naruto Slots is also available in both English and Japanese.

2. Attack on Titan Slots

Experience the thrill of the hit anime series Attack on Titan with this slot game that features all your favourite characters. With symbols that include Eren, Mikasa, and Levi, players will be transported to the post-apocalyptic world of Titans and Humans.

Experience the thrill of the hit anime series Attack on Titan with this slot game that features all your favourite characters. With symbols that include Eren, Mikasa, and Levi, players will be transported to the post-apocalyptic world of Titans and Humans.

3. One Piece Slots

Get ready to set sail on an adventure with Monkey D. Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates in this One Piece-themed slot game. In search of the world’s most precious stones, join Leonardo da Vinci on his quest in this movie-themed slot game.

From cuddly animals to a progressive jackpot, Fluffy Favourites has it all! An exciting Slot, with special features that give you more chances to win more coins. Play the latest casino and slot games at Netent! One thing to mention is the wonderful feeling you’ll get as an online slot player. This 5-reel, the 25-win line slot game is packed with glorious graphics.

Featuring a free spin round with expanding symbols, this is a great game for online slot fans. From the founders of Fluffy favourites comes White Wizard, a magical and fairytale-themed slot game with a special jackpot prize

4. Dragon Ball Z Slots

Follow the adventures of Goku and the Z Fighters in this Dragon Ball Z-themed slot game. You’ll be able to play as Goku, Frieza or Raditz, with the ultimate aim being to defeat all of your opponents.

Follow the adventures of Goku and the Z Fighters in this Dragon Ball Z-themed slot game. You’ll be able to play as Goku, Frieza or Raditz, with the ultimate aim being to defeat all of your opponents.

Play as one of the Characters as you spin for your chance to win big payouts. This is one of the most popular anime-themed slots for the past 20 years, and this game brings all your favourite characters together in one place.

5. Fairy Tail Slots

Use real money to play. This was made by Ainsworth. Here’s where you can play for real money: Get Bonus. Game details Ainsworth makes software. Game type: Video Slots Types Paylines: 50 Reels: 5 Min coins per line: 0.

Features Bonus games No Wild symbol Yes Progressive No “scatter” sign Yes, the autoplay button Yes, there is a multiplier, but there are no free spins. Yes. Choose a casino if you want to play Fairy Tail with real money.

Fairy Tail Slot Machine is a free casino game that is a lot of fun. You are getting the amazing Fairy Tail Slot Machine for Android. Fans of the show Fairy Tail will love this game because it has every character from the show, as well as a lot more bonus features and chances to win.

6. Fullmetal Alchemist Slots

Fullmetal Alchemist is a slot machine game based on the popular anime and manga series of the same name. This slot game features all your favourite characters from the series, and the artwork is fantastic. The gameplay is simple, but there is enough variety to keep you coming back for more. And, of course, the jackpots are huge.

You can also take on the role of Edward Eric and try to win some big prizes while you’re at it. There is a bonus game where you can use your alchemy skills to earn some extra cash. The gameplay is pretty standard, but it’s made more interesting by the addition of a special reel feature that allows you to get different payouts depending on how you spin the reel.

The graphics are pretty good, although not as good as the anime series. However, the gameplay is more than enough to make up for it. The jackpots in Fullmetal Alchemist are worth a lot of money, so it’s worth your time to play this game. Fullmetal Alchemist is a great slot game for all fans of the anime series. It’s available for free on the Internet, and you might as well check it out.

How to Win at Slots: Everything You Need to Know

For many people, slots are the most fun casino game to play. They’re easy to understand and require no skill or strategy. Just sit back, relax, and hope for a lucky spin. However, there are some things you can do to increase your chances of winning slots. In this blog post, we’ll give you everything you need to know about how to win at slots!

There are some things you can do to increase your chances of winning at slots

If you’re looking to up your chances of winning at slots, there are a few things you can do. For starters, always bet the maximum amount possible – this will give you access to more money if you hit a jackpot. Additionally, look for machines with higher payouts; these will typically have better odds than others.

Pay attention to paylines Pick the right slot machine based on your goals Pick the right time to play Try progressive slot machines Know the odds of winning slots Before we go into each one of these in detail, you need to understand one thing: all of these tips will only help you in the short term. As we all know, there’s no such thing as a guaranteed win on slots.

Finally, take advantage of any bonuses or promotions that casinos offer; these can help increase your bankroll and give you extra chances to win big. With a little luck and some know-how, anyone can be a winner at slots!

Choosing a machine with higher payouts

There are a lot of different things that go into playing slots and winning. Payouts are one of the most important factors to consider when choosing a machine to play. Obviously, you want to choose a machine with higher payouts in order to have a better chance of winning.

But there are other factors, such as hit frequency and volatility. The best way to find out which machines have the best payouts is by researching beforehand, looking at online reviews, or asking friends for recommendations.

Playing for smaller jackpots

As anyone who’s ever played slots knows, the chance of winning a big jackpot is pretty slim. But that doesn’t mean you can’t win some decent prizes by playing for smaller jackpots.

In fact, if you know what to look for, playing for smaller jackpots can actually be quite lucrative. While it may seem like playing for a smaller jackpot will take a lot longer to pay off, it’s actually not that big of a difference. In fact, you’ll probably hit a bigger jackpot in the same amount of time as you would hit a smaller one.

The difference is that the big one will pay you a lot more money than the small one will. – The larger the jackpot, the better chance you have of winning it. However, the higher the jackpot, the more expensive it will be to play it. So you need to keep both of these things in mind when playing for a smaller jackpot

Betting the maximum amount

If you’re looking to up your game when playing slots, then betting the maximum amount is a strategy you should definitely consider. By doing so, you’ll increase your chances of winning big and hitting the jackpot.

Of course, this isn’t a guarantee that you’ll win, but it’s certainly worth a shot! So next time you’re feeling lucky, go ahead and bet the maximum amount – who knows, it could be your lucky day!

Take advantage of bonuses and free spins

Slots are one of the most popular casino games and for a good reason. They’re easy to play, require no strategy, and can offer up some big wins. But if you want to maximize your chances of winning at slots, there are a few things you need to know.

For example, did you know that you lose some of the value of your bet every time you play a slot machine? That’s because the casinos use what’s known as the house edge. A house edge is a mathematical advantage the casino has over the player. According to John Grochowski, the house edge for slot machines can range from about 4% to about 15%.

The house edge for slots varies depending on the type of game you play. For example, classic slots have a house edge of about 7%, while slots offering a bonus feature have a house edge of about 12%. When you play a slot machine, you’re competing against the casino and the other players.

The odds of winning at slots aren’t in your favour, but you can improve your odds by doing your research and choosing the right games to play. Classic slots are the oldest type of slot machine you’ll find in a casino. The first slots were invented in 1886 and they’ve been a mainstay in casinos since.

Fast Payout Online Slots

Online casino gaming is a trend that like anywhere elsewhere across the globe, has gained great momentum in the Canadian gaming and gambling industry. Many now partake in this multi-million online gambling craze that came into being with the advent of the internet, virtually taking over space initially occupied by traditional physical casinos. And due to their great popularity, online slots are now among the most prevalent games in online casinos. Other games that one can play in online casinos include Card games, Blackjack, Roulette, jackpots, and live casino.

While it is legitimate to play in online casinos across the country, it is important to be watchful and only deal with licensed and legitimate gaming platforms and sites, to avoid falling prey to fraud. Before indulging in online gaming, there are several factors that one has to put into consideration. These will be key in ensuring they play efficiently and in case of winnings, their payouts can be processed conveniently. Other than the obvious factors such as determining the legitimacy of the casino, and its certification and regulation, one also needs to look out for the selection of games available and if these games are powered by software developers that are trusted, legitimate and experienced in the trade. These ensure efficiency in gaming activity. Customer support through live chat, phone calls or email 24/7 is also a key factor to consider for the gamer.

There is however the subject of payouts. This entails the withdrawal of one’s winnings. A gamer must ensure that the payout systems that the fastest-paying casinos in Canada employs are reliable and secure. Some casinos tend to have a penchant to hold back the winnings and payments of gamers. This is why the credibility of the casino is an important factor that a gamer has to have in mind. Gamers therefore ought to make certain that several factors are in place before they log in and play. Factors include whether the casino does fast processing of the payouts to ensure the gamers’ quick withdrawals of winnings, making certain that there are several reliable banking systems in place for the deposit and withdrawal transactions, and also that safe and secure banking systems have been put in place for them.

For starters, fast processing of payouts is important. It makes everything gaming convenient ensuring that when you win, you receive your winnings instantly and possibly budget for and use the payout almost immediately. Fast, efficient and convenient processing of payout also serves to show that the online casino is sincere, legitimate and straightforward given that some such casinos have nowadays developed an ill reputation of withholding gamers’ payouts.

Best Fast Payout Casinos Canada

In Canada, a country with an extensive online gaming industry, online gaming platforms such as JackpotCity Casino, Betsafe Casino, Captain Spins, Jonny Jackpot Casino, PlayOjo Casino, 888 Casino, Spin Casino, Rizk, Ruby Fortune and Maneki Casino among others have often been regarded as the best fast payout casinos in the country. These online casinos are often touted to provide the most convenient and effective payout systems by several gamers. These near all have options such as credit card, PayPal, Neteller, Skrill and Paysafecard.

Some of the measures that these casinos have in place to achieve this feat include winnings from bonuses being paid in cash to the gamer, ensuring payout speeds of between one and three days, RTPs of more than 97 per cent and reliable payout mechanisms used to fast-track the process. That said, several games are popular among gamers. These games are also available in most online casinos and one can play them whether for free or with the intent to make monetary winnings.

Best Online Slots in Canada

Thunderstruck 11

Thunderstruck 11 is among the most popular online casino games and is powered by one of the most well-known and experienced online casino software developers, Microgaming. This game is a sequel to the original Thunderstruck and comes with additional features including more ways to make winning combinations and hence some great payouts. It was launched in May 2010 and is generally based on a mythology theme. Thunderstruck 11 can be played for free or with real money. It is available for mobile devices as well.

The five-reel layout that the game has offers the gamer up to 234 ways to win, a factor that affords the player many options to create winning combinations through matching codes and symbols appearing on adjacent reels. The game is largely based on a Norse folklore theme where the gamer can use icons based on Nordic gods such as Valkyrie, Odin, Loki, and Thor, as well as other special symbols and icons.

For gamers, this online slot game is visually appealing and comes with high-quality graphics done by Microgaming. It is also not quite expensive. It is within one’s means and can as well be automatically played in autoplay mode. The game’s graphics, as earlier indicated are rich giving this action-packed game a much more realistic feel and making it even more exciting to explore in online casinos.

Jurassic Park

Jurassic Park is also another online slot game that is essentially based on Jurassic Park (movie series) as the name suggests. It is also an online slot game that players can enjoy in online casinos. This game was released in 2014 as a presage to the Jurassic World movie. It is powered by the software developer, Microgaming and can be played through mobile casinos as well as via Microgaming online. The game which is quite inexpensive comes with great graphics as well, is easier to play and smoothly performs on probably all operating systems.

It also incorporates 3D–rendered images in quick-paced gameplay, as well as a host of other effects such as parallax scroll; in which the background images move slower than the foreground images, and also dynamic audio. Jurassic Park has five reels offering the gamer up to 243 ways to win and can as well be played in autoplay mode which speeds it up. These reels display a number of the movie’s dinosaur characters such as the T-Rex as well as the human characters. Noteworthy is also the fact that with this game, one can enjoy regular payouts because the game itself is low variance. However, most of these payouts are often for small amounts.

Deal or No Deal

The Deal or No Deal online slot game is also another popular online casino game that is based on the famous television show of the same name. It is developed by online gaming and sports betting software developer Playtech. It is based on the same premise as the TV show going by the same name, with the goal being to win as much money as one can both through the reels as well as through the bonuses offered.

The main goal of the player after spinning the wheel is that the wheel lands on the briefcase with the symbol indicated as Bonus. The game’s play is structured around five reels and 10 pay lines and the player targets to stockpile combinations of symbols into the pay lines. Deal or No Deal can be played both for money or free and its concept is perhaps the most flexible for gamers. These games can be accessed in just about all online casinos as they tend to be commonly available.

Great Mobile Slots

In the world of online slots, there are tons of sites and games to choose from. There are games with different themes, and each casino gives various amounts of free coins to start with for new users. So, how do you decide which ones are worth your time to play? Below are four top-rated slot games that are available on a mobile device. What makes for a great slot game? The first thing I look at is the graphics. Suppose the graphics are of low quality, then the game is more than likely done poorly. A poorly created game will have issues with bugs that will keep players from playing the game. The second item I look at is what the games offer. Do they offer free games, chances to gain coins without paying, are the payouts worth the time to play? Free games allow for players to have some of the excitement of playing a real slot. Payouts and extra coins are the significant deciding factor. If I cannot easily keep coins and receive coins, I would not have the chance to play for long. I also look at the options I have. I prefer games with several themes to choose from because I don’t particularly appreciate playing the same game repeatedly. The last thing I look at is the ease of levelling up on the games. Many of these games offer extra goodies as players level up.

777 Slots

Scientific Games Interactive is the company behind this slot game. There are many different game styles to choose from when playing, such as 5 line games with multi-line payouts and high stakes, which gives players choices on the kind they want to play. With the vegas-style games and quality graphics, it is no wonder they have over 250,000 five star ratings: their games award mini-games, bonus games, and free spins. All of this contributes to the over 10 million downloads it has under its belt. To help start new players off on the right foot, they give them 250,000 coins. Players are awarded daily bonuses that reach up to 35,000 coins, free coins every four hours, and coins just for inviting friends to join in on the fun. They also have multiplayer tournaments to make the game even more entertaining. 777 Slots can be played on Apple or Android devices for free; however, some in-app purchases can be made, including coins to play.


Zynga is the brains behind this set of slots and can be played on Apple and Android. This set of slot games has been downloaded 90 thousand times. It is not hard to believe since Slotomania has over 200 games to choose from, giving players an array to keep them entertained. The games range from cartoon graphics to realistic ones. Zynga is generous with their starting coins, giving each new player 1 million and bonus coins to collect every three hours. These slots have received over 200,000 five star reviews and are updated continuously. The games offer special surprises, bonus games, and large payouts. Slotomania is free to play on your device but does allow for in-app purchases.

Hit it Rich

Hit it Rich is another brainchild of Zynga. They are available on Android and Apple devices and has been downloaded nine thousand times since their debut. Zynga decided to be even more generous with the starting coins for new players at 10 million. Hit it Rich has diverse games that feature T.V shows and Movies. You can play slots with some of your favourite characters, from Elvira to The Terminator to The Wizzard of Oz. They, too, offer daily bonuses and free coins every four hours for their players. Hit it Rich allows their players to play the slots with their friends on the app, which is one reason it has a 4.5 rating. This game is also free to play and has in-app purchases for coins.

Slots Myth

If you love Greek mythology, then this is the slots game for you. The game’s entire theme is Greek mythology, which has contributed to the over one million downloads. Casino Joy, the game maker, gives each new player a starting total of 20 million coins and free coins for all players every hour plus daily free coins. They do have one of the lowest ratings with a 4.4. Slots Myth is available to play offline on your devices. Available on Android and Apple devices for free with some in-app purchases. What do these four have in common? They each have free spins and bonuses in the games themselves, just as you would find on an actual slot machine. The graphics in each are of high quality, even in the cartoon-themed games. Each set of games has something each person playing can relate to and enjoy. They all have large payouts to keep players coming back for more. You cannot play these four games for real cash, as some other games can be. No matter the type of slot you want to play, the game is more than likely in one of these four apps. They each offer a variety to choose from and plenty of extras to keep you entertained for hours. Each one also allows the players to move up fairly quickly to gain extra perks at higher levels. They provide the same excitement of the real thing without the cost to play.

The Best Slot Game Developers

With technology constantly advancing, and the gaming industry has gone through many changes in the past. However, these changes are far from complete as the slot game developers gracing the industry with some of the best games. Whether you are an online gaming enthusiast or prefer playing at a live casino, these developers ensure you get the best. The software provides incredible wheel spinning, enjoyable gaming and a variety of games to choose from. Most of these developers are taking cyberspace by storm all for the love of the game. Let’s have a look at some of the best slot game developers that you can rely on.

1. Playtech

Playtech is not a new name in the casino industry. This developer has grown to become one of the popular slot game developers over the years and all for good reasons. Playtech has established software that ideal for both online gaming platforms and mobile gaming. It’s incredible where gaming technology is taking us to try and make slot gaming easier and fun. The slot machines from Playtech offer an excellent bonus and promotion features. They provide quick and reliable software that you should rely on your slot gaming. So, when you are looking for a slot game developer that provides progressive jackpots or free spins, Playtech online slots are here for you.

2. MicroGaming

Microgaming is another excellent slot game developer that you’ll meet in the gaming industry. The Microgaming slot software has given rise to the slot games such as mega moolah, Jurassic Park, Thunderstruck, games of throne, etc. Microgaming is reputable for providing excellent slot games for a couple of years. What makes this gaming slot one of the best in the market is that it boasts of a portfolio of about 850 games and slots. About 350 mobile slots from this developer are available to choose the best game that suits your needs. With the extensive game choice of slots at Microgaming, gamers can easily choose both classic 3-reel and 5-reel 3D slots or progressive slots. You’re spoilt for choice when it comes to this provider.

3. Leander Games

You cannot go wrong with the choice of Leander games as one of your best slot game developers to play with. According to online casino enthusiasts, this is the leading slot game developer that promises excellent game selections, and some of the most addictive slots in the industry. The slot game developer provides excellent graphics, animation, and amazing slot games fully optimized for mobile play. Players can enjoy an incredible experience with all the modern features here.

4. Real-Time Gaming

Realtime Gaming is also known in short form as RTG. This is one of the best slot game developers that provide unlimited slot game selections. Days back, a good number of gamers get it an uphill task to play some excellent games. The few slots available were not only slow but had minimal spins until RTG came in the picture. RTG provides some of the fantastic gaming slots such as Crazy Vegas, Hillbillies, and Aztec’s Millions, among others. With these newly introduced slot game developers, it features amazing bonuses and promotions that you can easily rely on for both entertainment and as part of earning cash. Unlike any other slot game developers with only limited spinning, RTG developers guarantee you a free spin with your slots which can be a good boost to your bankroll if you manage to win.

5. International Game Technology

Thanks to the improvement and advancement the technology has brought in the gaming industry, players can enjoy wonderful slot developers such as the International Game Technology. International Game Technology has given rise to become another largest casino software provider of thousands of slot games. The company has taken the video gaming market in Nevada to the next level by introducing amazing slots such as Megabucks video slot. The ideal to offer gaming slots is not a matter to gamble with. This game developer is known for providing incredible slot games for decades. Some of these slot game includes Sherlock Holmes, Wheels of Fortune, Lobstermania 2, family guy and Star Trek. The good thing with these games is that they can be instantly played on both browsers and downloaded software making it convenient for players.

6. Yggdrasil

Yggdrasil is one of the best slot game developers in the online gaming industry. It is not easy to get the game slot that promises a sense of humour like this one does. But with the Yggdrasil slot game developer ensures their players have fun with some added sense of humour. Aside from that, the gaming provider features adorable graphics and lovable animal cartoons. This is a slot game provider that makes it a must-played all the time without feeling bored. Therefore, if you are looking forward to taking your online gaming experience to the next level, Yggdrasil is the best slot game developer to consider a variety of games to choose from.

7. Bar Crest

Bar Crest is another fantastic slot game with excellent features to outshine other game developers in the gaming industry. Bar Crest developers are experts in the field and make some classic slots that even the choosiest player will love. The slot game provider ensures players can access easy spinning, large bonus rounds, and a long list of slot games to choose from. You can never go wrong with this amazing provider is you know what makes an ideal slot game. While the name may seem a little new to the market, you can still give it a try and see what it’s made of.

Final Words

Slot game developers have helped take online gaming to the next level. Many online gamers globally benefit from many game selections, advanced technology, and even the ability to get free spinning to enjoy a limitless gaming experience. All you have to do now is to identify the one that appeals most to you depending on your gaming needs. Once that is done, you’ll only be a step away from playing some of the best slot games a casino can provide.

5 Recent Technological Advancements In Online Gambling

Online Gambling

The advancements in technology have risen to the new era of gambling called online gambling. Although it is a recent invention the online gambling world has driven quickly towards success and will become a part of our everyday lives in the foreseeable future.

As far as technology is on the rise, the world of online gambling will also contribute to rise. In this article, we will discuss the recent technologies that are shaping the world of online gambling.

Virtual reality

From what was once a distance dream, Virtual Reality has come a long way, and is now a major portion of the online gambling games. Virtual reality is basically converting virtual world into a reality that is enhanced by the use of another technology called augmented reality.

With a reliable headset, gambling or gaming glasses, you’re in for a treat. The use of virtual reality in online gambling has also led to the invention of games like live blackjack tables and other serious games that amplifies the user experience.

Mobile technology

Mobile technology

Smart phones and tablets are used all around the world by billions of people every day. Most businesses rely on these online technologies and mobile technologies for their business and gambling are no exception. Since people are always hooked to their smart phones and mobile phones, is it easier for the industries and other online gambling platforms to connect to the users using recent mobile technologies.

It has shifted the entire demographics of the way people gamble, especially the younger generation.

Blockchain technology

We are not wrong if we mention that the block chain technology is literally everywhere in the world. From investment banking to other international users, blockchain is the backbone for using safer Cryptocurrencies. Since gambling online involves transfer of money on a daily or even an hourly basis, security is of utmost importance in this sector. If not for blockchain technology and cryptocurrenies, it is rather impossible to safeguard the players, ‘ money and identity.


One of the shortcomings of the online gambling industry was the use of networking to connect to other players on the platform. This shortcoming is fulfilled by the use of above mentioned technologies where the players can interact either with the dealers or other players at the table. It is also considered as one of the best advancements in the gambling sector as it is helps players connect to one another, without the use of extensive hardware.

3D Animation

3D Animation

3D is not just limited to the cinema or other television industry but is also making equal noise in the gambling industry. The use of equipment like the 3D glasses from Samsung is one of the best forms of investments for pro gamblers and other gambling freaks.

This is because they are not only an emerging technology, but are also here to stay. 3D also uses the concepts of virtual reality and augmented reality to enhance the effects depicted on the screen.


Other technologies like the Augmented reality, business analysis etc also equally contribute to the growth of the online gambling industry and the technologies used to improve them.

Animation in the Online Gambling Industry: For Growth of Casinos

Online Gambling Industry

Every sector of the entertainment industry is always looking for new technologies to implement in their projects to offer better products to their customers/audience. From the film industries to the gaming industry, everyone is adding something new on the plate for customers every new year. The gaming and gambling industry is specially focused on providing better gaming opportunities to their gaming community. With high-quality animation and the best technology to render it, the gaming industry is excelling at a faster rate than any other entertainment sector.

The casino operators are very well aware of the ever-changing animation technology and are using the best development assets to use every possible option available for them to provide a satisfactory experience to online gamblers. Since the majority of the gambling population is now online, every casino operator needs to produce new games that have top-quality animation and features.

How is animation changing the gambling industry?

The animation is used by casino game developers to create online games or the slot machines that you find in any brick and mortar casino today. Most of the casinos have replaced their mechanical machines with digital slots today that feature high animation themes. The animation is an extra layer for the slot games to become even more entertaining than before. While payouts depend on what casinos decide for themselves, but the themes and animations are entirely focused on the demands of the gaming community. Adding a theme and a storyline to the slot games is an idea that is making slot machines more popular among the community.

Animation in Table Games

Animation in Table Games

After the casinos decided to introduced animated slot games to the gamers, it was time to implement the same for the table games. One of the first table games that received popularity on the internet was poker. People loved playing poker online in a virtual table that is completely animated while competing with real players from around the world. Today gamers can find table games with the simplest graphics to some highly animated tables that are meant exclusively for visual entertainment. The choice of games depends on gamblers, but the developers are always committed to implement new ideas and technology into the games. The developers like NetEnt and Microgaming are working every day to use new technology and the latest animation tools to create virtual animated gaming platforms for their player base.

Upcoming Trends

Today mobile gaming is the most popular medium for casino operators to share their games. The players find ease in playing games on their mobile devices from wherever they want, instead of sitting in front is a PC. The next technology that the developers are using today is Virtual Reality or VR. VR headsets are on the rise, and players are trying out every new game that is being introduced for VR. This is a sign for the casino game developers to implement VR technology in their games immediately to create a virtual gaming environment for their players while providing high animation 3D effects.

Top Gambling Anime to Watch in 2020

Gambling Anime

If you are a true fan of casinos and gambling, then you need some motivation and ideas to implement in your games. You can watch a gambling movie, documentary, or traditional tutorial videos for inspiration. But, if you want to see something out of the box go on a journey of seeing gamblers come from our impossible gambling traps, there is no better medium for such entertainment than anime. Anime is a Japanese entertainment art form that is entirely based on animations and a thrilling story that will boost your adrenaline like nothing else. We would recommend you watch these gambling anime to have an experience of a lifetime about the world of Japanese anime and learn a few gambling tips.

Kaiji: The Ultimate Survivor

No gambling anime list will be complete without Kaiji, who beat all the odds to become the ultimate survivor. It is a masterpiece that one cannot miss out on. Due to unfortunate circumstances, Kaiji is forced to pay a heavy debt, and the only way to do so is to join the tournament on an illegal gambling cruise. Even though not having won even a single penny in gambling in the past, it is interesting to watch how Kaiji starts from nothing to become the ultimate survivor.

Rio: Rainbow Gate

Rainbow Gate

If you want to experience something entirely based on casino games, then this is something that you cannot miss. The story is about Rio Rollins, who works as a dealer in a casino. She is considered lucky by many as the table on which she deals to give away heavy rewards to the players. It is a lighthearted anime that you can enjoy to feel good about casino games. You can only wish to find a dealer like her in a casino as no casino would ever be okay with dealing with such high losses because of a dealer’s powers.


Kakegurui is another thrilling anime that will keep you entertained for hours. It is based on a private academy in Japan made only for Japan’s richest and most powerful families. Gambling is a part of this school where the losers become slaves to the winners. Things will change when a transfer student joins the school and challenges the school’s whole hierarchy structure with her gambling skills.

Legendary Gambler Tetsuya

If you want the drama that builds up through the games and ends up with a climax that can make you jump-off your seat, then Legendary Gambler Tetsuya will definitely suit your taste. This anime is based around World War II. The people in Japan were suffering from having enough money at their homes, and the only way to live a decent life that was left was to gamble at mahjong. Enters Tetsuya, who has survived every game at illegal gambling to become a legendary player. But one day, he finally loses to a cheater and realizes that he will have to learn to cheat back if he wants win back his lost money. There are plenty of philosophical life lessons in the anime while you enjoy the thrilling games.

Anime Slots Available On Your Mobile Devices

Anime Slots

Slot games are quick entertainment for anyone who wants quick access to casino games without having to visit a brick and mortar casino. They are easy to play, does not require much skill, and offer unlimited entertainment. On the other side, anime is growing popularity worldwide due to its intriguing storylines and highly-skilled animations. The casino game developers took the opportunity of using the anime trend to test out new slot machines in the past and succeeded in gaining the attention of their gaming community. Today, anime slots are one of the most played themes on the online slot machine platforms. You can find anime slot games for your mobile devices on the app stores that you can download for free and start playing immediately. Here is a list of top anime slot games that you can play on your mobile devices today.

Miyuki and Friends

Miyuki and Friends

Miyuki and Friends is a highly entertaining slot game that you can download on your mobile phone today. It was developed by High 5 Games and is currently their most successful anime slot game. The theme of Miyuki and Friends is based on the story of Miyuki and her separated friends who want to reunite, but they cannot do it without your help. There are plenty of rewards with big values waiting for you to get unlocked throughout the story. There are also several bonuses and free spins to keep you loaded with options, and big value wins.

Fa-Fa Twins Slot

Fa-Fa Twins is another interesting anime slot game which is designed and developed by BetSoft for all mobile devices. This slot game is themed on the story of twin sisters, aka Fa-Fa Twins, and contains the right sound elements and graphics to impress any anime lover. It has exciting gameplay that offers up to 243 ways to win. This five-reel slot game was released in 2017 and is one of the most successful projects from BetSoft.

Nine-Tailed Ninja Slot

What may seem like an anime rip-off at first will slowly adust into your comfort levels. The Nice-Tailed Ninja Slot is a five-reel 20 pay line slot game developed by Gameplay Interactive. From the looks of its main character, it seems like Gameplay Interactive approached the creators of Naruto for the theme but then had to settle with the rejection and make a similar game to keep their audience happy. But the good part about this game is the changing seasons that offer different bonuses to the players. You will also come across several known techniques of the ninja, such as shadow clones and unleashing the monsters.


Manga Girls

If you enjoy watching anime or reading mangas because of its female characters, then you should definitely check out this game. Manga Girls is developed by Portomaso Gaming and is a five-reel 25 pay line slot game. It has plenty of female characters with big eyes and colorful hair who will cheer you up throughout the game. There are plenty of wild symbols, bonus rounds, and scatters available in the game, which can be enjoyed anytime for hours from your mobile device.

How 3D Animation is Taking The Gambling Experience to New Level

3D Animation

3D Gambling is one of the technologies that has raised in the recent years and has made noise every soon in almost all gambling sectors. It has not only gained widespread popularity in the movie industry, but has also created a drastic amount of impact in the other industries like gambling. The demographics of the online gambling world has changed with the invention of such inevitable technologies.

In general, gambling refers to wagering money or any form of equity or possession to another player o the house. The outcome can be either a good news or a bad news – which means you can either lose or gain money. The invention of new technologies has forced people to hook to their phones and other platforms, despite their loss of money.

3D Gambling

 3D animation

Any sector that makes use of 3D software is a 3D animation sector. One of the most prominent industries is the online gambling industry. With increase in games that prefer live dealer platforms, and live blackjack tables, the employment of 3D animations has increased in the recent years. It is not wrong to mention that online gambling industry is one of the most revenue generating as well as one of the fast growing industries in the world.

The amount spends on managing ads exceeds 1.1 billion in the UK alone. Most of these online gambling and betting platforms have also waged money into football teams and tournaments because they believe football and online gambling go hand-in-han and can gain more traction from the public.

Widespread use of smart phones

It is no-brainer that the smart phones have rather become a source of entertainment than a necessity, and the gambling industry has utilized this advantage well. The easy accessibility has also influenced the gambling industry to produce more mobile friendly gambling sites and applications. The increase in the popularity of the 3D animation industry has craved its way beautifully into the gambling world.

3D VR gambling and gaming glasses have also gained extreme importance in the process as they help in enhancing the effects using Augmented Reality and Virtual reality.

Animated 3D slots

Animated 3D slots

The introduction of 3D animated slots has stirred the interest in both the gamblers, and the investors for a source of revenue and entertainment. The cinematic experience provided by this 3D machine is irreplaceable and stirs a feeling of a real-life casino. Why would someone not get attracted to such games, when you can play at the comfort of your couch with an easy accessibility?

Overall better user experience

Yes, land based casinos are fun, and exciting due to the presence 0f exorbitant background, lights and the music. But it cannot be done forever. Playing at the comfort of your house, whilst gaining the experience of a casino ambiance is the best feeling. This is achieved by the use of 3D animations and VR supported technologies which have increased the usage of online casinos in general.

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