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Online casino gaming is a trend that like anywhere elsewhere across the globe, has gained great momentum in the Canadian gaming and gambling industry. Many now partake in this multi-million online gambling craze that came into being with the advent of the internet, virtually taking over space initially occupied by traditional physical casinos. And due […]

Animation in the Online Gambling Industry: For Growth of Casinos

Every sector of the entertainment industry is always looking for new technologies to implement in their projects to offer better products to their customers/audience. From the film industries to the gaming industry, everyone is adding something new on the plate for customers every new year. The gaming and gambling industry is specially focused on providing better gaming opportunities to their gaming community. With high-quality animation and the best technology to render it, the gaming industry is excelling at a faster rate than any other entertainment sector.

The casino operators are very well aware of the ever-changing animation technology and are using the best development assets to use every possible option available for them to provide a satisfactory experience to online gamblers. Since the majority of the gambling population is now online, every casino operator needs to produce new games that have top-quality animation and features.

How is animation changing the gambling industry?

The animation is used by casino game developers to create online games or the slot machines that you find in any brick and mortar casino today. Most of the casinos have replaced their mechanical machines with digital slots today that feature high animation themes. The animation is an extra layer for the slot games to become even more entertaining than before. While payouts depend on what casinos decide for themselves, but the themes and animations are entirely focused on the demands of the gaming community. Adding a theme and a storyline to the slot games is an idea that is making slot machines more popular among the community.

Animation in Table Games

Animation in Table Games

After the casinos decided to introduced animated slot games to the gamers, it was time to implement the same for the table games. One of the first table games that received popularity on the internet was poker. People loved playing poker online in a virtual table that is completely animated while competing with real players from around the world. Today gamers can find table games with the simplest graphics to some highly animated tables that are meant exclusively for visual entertainment. The choice of games depends on gamblers, but the developers are always committed to implement new ideas and technology into the games. The developers like NetEnt and Microgaming are working every day to use new technology and the latest animation tools to create virtual animated gaming platforms for their player base.

Upcoming Trends

Today mobile gaming is the most popular medium for casino operators to share their games. The players find ease in playing games on their mobile devices from wherever they want, instead of sitting in front is a PC. The next technology that the developers are using today is Virtual Reality or VR. VR headsets are on the rise, and players are trying out every new game that is being introduced for VR. This is a sign for the casino game developers to implement VR technology in their games immediately to create a virtual gaming environment for their players while providing high animation 3D effects.

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