Great Mobile Slots

In the world of online slots, there are tons of sites and games to choose from. There are games with different themes, and each casino gives various amounts of free coins to start with for new users. So, how do you decide which ones are worth your time to play? Below are four top-rated slot games that are available on a mobile device. What makes for a great slot game? The first thing I look at is the graphics. Suppose the graphics are of low quality, then the game is more than likely done poorly. A poorly created game will have issues with bugs that will keep players from playing the game. The second item I look at is what the games offer. Do they offer free games, chances to gain coins without paying, are the payouts worth the time to play? Free games allow for players to have some of the excitement of playing a real slot. Payouts and extra coins are the significant deciding factor. If I cannot easily keep coins and receive coins, I would not have the chance to play for long. I also look at the options I have. I prefer games with several themes to choose from because I don’t particularly appreciate playing the same game repeatedly. The last thing I look at is the ease of levelling up on the games. Many of these games offer extra goodies as players level up.

777 Slots

Scientific Games Interactive is the company behind this slot game. There are many different game styles to choose from when playing, such as 5 line games with multi-line payouts and high stakes, which gives players choices on the kind they want to play. With the vegas-style games and quality graphics, it is no wonder they have over 250,000 five star ratings: their games award mini-games, bonus games, and free spins. All of this contributes to the over 10 million downloads it has under its belt. To help start new players off on the right foot, they give them 250,000 coins. Players are awarded daily bonuses that reach up to 35,000 coins, free coins every four hours, and coins just for inviting friends to join in on the fun. They also have multiplayer tournaments to make the game even more entertaining. 777 Slots can be played on Apple or Android devices for free; however, some in-app purchases can be made, including coins to play.


Zynga is the brains behind this set of slots and can be played on Apple and Android. This set of slot games has been downloaded 90 thousand times. It is not hard to believe since Slotomania has over 200 games to choose from, giving players an array to keep them entertained. The games range from cartoon graphics to realistic ones. Zynga is generous with their starting coins, giving each new player 1 million and bonus coins to collect every three hours. These slots have received over 200,000 five star reviews and are updated continuously. The games offer special surprises, bonus games, and large payouts. Slotomania is free to play on your device but does allow for in-app purchases.

Hit it Rich

Hit it Rich is another brainchild of Zynga. They are available on Android and Apple devices and has been downloaded nine thousand times since their debut. Zynga decided to be even more generous with the starting coins for new players at 10 million. Hit it Rich has diverse games that feature T.V shows and Movies. You can play slots with some of your favourite characters, from Elvira to The Terminator to The Wizzard of Oz. They, too, offer daily bonuses and free coins every four hours for their players. Hit it Rich allows their players to play the slots with their friends on the app, which is one reason it has a 4.5 rating. This game is also free to play and has in-app purchases for coins.

Slots Myth

If you love Greek mythology, then this is the slots game for you. The game’s entire theme is Greek mythology, which has contributed to the over one million downloads. Casino Joy, the game maker, gives each new player a starting total of 20 million coins and free coins for all players every hour plus daily free coins. They do have one of the lowest ratings with a 4.4. Slots Myth is available to play offline on your devices. Available on Android and Apple devices for free with some in-app purchases. What do these four have in common? They each have free spins and bonuses in the games themselves, just as you would find on an actual slot machine. The graphics in each are of high quality, even in the cartoon-themed games. Each set of games has something each person playing can relate to and enjoy. They all have large payouts to keep players coming back for more. You cannot play these four games for real cash, as some other games can be. No matter the type of slot you want to play, the game is more than likely in one of these four apps. They each offer a variety to choose from and plenty of extras to keep you entertained for hours. Each one also allows the players to move up fairly quickly to gain extra perks at higher levels. They provide the same excitement of the real thing without the cost to play.

Great Mobile Slots
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