How Anime Has Influenced the Slots


If you’re not already aware, then a slot is that one game in the entire casino that is loved by everyone despite their high levels of odds on the floor. Over the years, these casinos machines have only evolved. As the slot machines continued to evolve, more and more gambling and gaming companies started involving in the process, and today, it has grown to become a billion dollar industry and contributes to almost half the revenue of a country. Among all the other gambling and casino themes, anime slot machines have gained a wide range of popularity.

Pop culture has definitely contributed to a major part of the slots, and the casino industry with the latest invention of all the manga and anime from the Japanese culture. Let’s begin by discussing what is anime and how anime has influenced the slot themes.

What exactly is anime?

Japanese anime is popular across the globe, and it is a center of attraction for the majority of the Japanese comics and other Japanese movies and games. Anime is not just limited to Japanese culture, but has now spread its wings across the other genres as well. One of them is the slot machines.

It refers to the cartoon-like TV shows, movies, films, comics and video games that have gained traction from all over the globe. By definition, it is a Japanese term that uses animated media to depict characters for entertainment with the use of colorful imagines, graphics and fantastical themes. It spans across various genres like romance, suspense, Sci-Fi and so on. The first anime comic was designed and released in 1917 and the progress has been steadily increased in the recent years.

Influence of anime on slots

Anime has developed over the last few years, and with that, so has the technology and the need for anime themed slot machines.

Influence of anime on slots

Now that we’re familiar with the idea of anime, let’s see how it has influenced the growth of slot machines in the casinos.

  • Animation styles: Anime is a unique characteristic of the traditional cartoons that are based on huge eyes, exaggerated body shapes and many features. The exact exaggeration of the styles is witnessed in the backdrop of the slot machines while playing the games that include ancient Japanese temples, towns, night, etc. These impressive and intriguing backdrops are designed straight from the anime to the slots.
  • Characters: Characters are another important part of the Japanese anime, and the entire storyline is built round these characters. The same concept is used in the formation of slot machine characters that add another interesting and intriguing element to these already intersecting slot games.
  • Theme and storyline: Nowadays, the slot machines are based on princesses, or animals that are the center and each out the win money or the desired amount of coins. The inspiration for these stories lines is taken from the Japanese anime where the characters are the oxygen of their entire anime movies, comics or TV series.
How Anime Has Influenced the Slots
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